There’s a ramen burrito


image If you’ve been to Indonesia, Simpang Asia Indonesian restaurant and market in Los Angeles, or happen to have an Indonesian friend, chances are you’ve experienced Indomie. It’s a brand of instant noodles that comes in a variety of flavors, and Komodo chef Erwin Tjahyadi is putting it in a burrito.
Tjahyadi has named his creation after Indomie, the well-known Southeast Asian company that makes packages of Indomie Mi Goreng (mie goreng are fried noodles). The chewy noodles are curly, similar to Top Ramen noodles, and come with various smaller packets of chile powder, soy sauce, dry seasoning, dry vegetables and oil.

It’s salty, a tad spicy — and you’ll wish someone had introduced you to this stuff in college.

Tjahyadi’s version includes steak, eggs, scallions and the signature Indomie Mi Goreng noodles, all wrapped in a giant flour tortilla.
The Indomie burrito will be available at both Komodo locations, on Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles and on Main Street in Venice,
Pro tip: Bring your own bottle of ABC extra hot chile sauce to pour all over your burrito. You may never look at Sriracha the same way again.

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