Nacho Daddy is now walking it back with a new ‘COVID-19 policies and procedures acknowledgment’ taking its place

 “We should’ve expanded on it, we rolled out really quickly we only had a couple of days’ notice,” Eric Scott said.

He is the Director of Operations at Nacho Daddy and is talking about a COVID-19 waiver that up until Wednesday they required employees to sign

This waiver received some social media backlash and Nacho Daddy is now walking it back with a new ‘COVID-19 policies and procedures acknowledgment‘ taking its place.

While some people had issues with the initial waiver, there were others who didn’t mind it.

“I don’t think we’re looking to protect ourselves. We’re just looking to make sure our guests and employees are safe,” Scott said.

Nacho Daddy says this is uncharted territory, and as they adjust to social distanced dining and new safety guidelines, their main focus is keeping customers and team members safe

They’ve even partnered with UNLV’s School of Medicine to provide free COVID-19 tests for all of their employees.

However, Nacho Daddy’s now rescinded waiver has sparked the question: as more people get back to work, could other small businesses start to introduce similar waivers?

Local labor attorney Emily Strand says legally an employer can make an employee sign a waiver for just about anything.

“The question that no one really has an answer too yet is whether these waivers are going to be enforceable when they actually get to a courtroom. That’s going to depend on a lot of factors, including whether or not the employee or plaintiff in the case can prove that they actually got coronavirus at work as opposed to a spouse or at the post office,” Strand said.

Strand also says it would be a real challenge for someone to prove where they contracted the virus, essentially making a COVID-19 waiver pointless and unnecessary stress on employees

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