New Orleans Style Jambalaya

New Orleans Style Recipe  for Jambalaya is straight out of the great city of New Orleans. I uses Beef smoked sausage, fresh shrimp, and chicken to put this recipe on the map. This Jambalaya is spicy, and with all the fresh vegetables makes this Cajun famous dish easy to cook. I like this rice dish and you will just love the flavor. Will make you say “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez” Let the Good Times Roll” And it tastes better than any Jambalaya you will find on the web.

1lb boneless chicken breast, cubed and/or

1lb shrimp, peeled and deveined

1lb beef smoked sausage, sliced on the bias (angle)

1 large yellows onion, chopped finely

1 bell pepper, chopped finely

3-6 cloves of garlic minced

3 ribs celery, chopped finely

3 tbsp. chopped parsley (Do not cook within other veggies, add at end)

3 small cans of tomato pasta (Cento brand if possible)

4 large Creole or beef steak tomatoes peeled, seeded and diced or 1 28-oz can of peeled tomatoes 8 cups of chicken, shrimp or veggie stock (for your dietary preference)

Creole seasoning blend to taste ( I do 2-3 tablespoons and the preferred brand is Tony’s)

Creole seasoning blend mix: 2 tsp each: cayenne, black pepper, 1 tsp each: white pepper, oregano, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, 1/2 teaspoon thyme. I don’t include salt in this blend because you should salt to your own taste.

2-3 bay leaves, 4 cups parboiled long grain white rice (Zatarain’s or Uncle Ben’s is perfect)


In a lightly oiled pan, brown your chicken, Drain it and set it aside

Do the same thing with the smoked sausage, but reserve about a teaspoon of the grease in the pan. In this same pan, sautée your seasonings (all them veggies up there) Let it go, making sure your stirring to get a consistent cook through for three minutes. the goal isn’t to cook them through, just to make them tender. Remove from flame and set aside. We are gonna use this pan one more time.

Add 1.5 tbsp. of olive oil to this pan over a medium flame. Add the tomato paste and let it pence, which is just turning browner. we are cooking the acid out and caramelizing the sugar in the paste. Use a whisk and stir CONSTANTLY for about 7-8 minutes. Do not overcook because you can burn it and than you have to start again.

At this point we want to stop the paste from cooking so we add about 1 cup of stock to the pan. We’re just thinning it all out, getting it ready to transfer to the big pot. Make sure you get all the good brown bits at the bottom of the pan because we want all the flavor. Transfer this mix to your big pot. Add then remaining stock to the big pot along with all the creole seasoning, cooked veggies and now add in your rice. Stir it really really well, COVER IT WITH A SECURE LID and REMOVE IT FROM THE HEAT. Within 25-30 minutes the rice will cook itself. Remove the lid and fluff it up real good, making sure you distribute all the everything.


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  1. Yum we were thinking about making something like this for the 4th!


    1. Lex says:

      Awesome, I hope you do…


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